Kylee Moore

Kylee Moore – Director of Training & Marketing

Kylee was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She had the rare and exciting opportunity to attend a film based high school where she learned all about graphic design, film, and many facets of art mediums. She was awarded a full scholarship and an internship with a local jersey making company for her outstanding clothing designs. Kylee went on to use her experience in graphic design to benefit charity events, local sporting events and small businesses throughout the Wasatch front. Kylee found her passion through drawing. painting, sculpting, drafting, and utilizing her education to make all sorts of digital art. You can find her today working on pieces such as WZW and Lily the Lonely Vampire.

“The biggest inspiration to my artist vision, chaos and madness has always been Van Gogh. His life, struggle, and art has always been the largest contributor to my work.” – Kylee