Dr. Carl Wippert Ph.D.




My name is Carl, but my family and friends all call me Pen. I have always loved to cook, create new recipes, and bring new ideas into the world. I’ve appeared on MasterChef, taught cooking classes, and made 15 course dinners just for fun. I’ve written stage plays, screenplays, as well as short stories and novels. I like putting a new spin on something, seeing things in a different light (or with a different sauce, as the case may be…) I believe the way we keep growing is by pushing our boundaries and creating new things. I have always wanted to open a book friendly restaurant, where I can feed people’s minds and stomachs.


Gourmet for Everybody – Author / Editor / Photographer

Dragonhead Gaming – Voice Talent

Apocalyptic Fortune – Author / Programmer

Worldwide Zombie Wrestling – Author / Programmer